Freeze Your Team's Big Moments

Hire a team pictures photographer in Benton, LA

Being part of a sports team gives a sense of community and friendship. Remind your team that they were part of something great by hiring James Media, LLC as your team pictures photographer. James Richards photographs sports teams across Benton, LA and the surrounding area so your team can show off their success for years to come.

Call 318-909-0101 to schedule team, individual or action shot photography for your next game.

Don't miss out on capturing the game-winning point

There are few things more exciting than scoring the winning point for your team. Capture the memory forever by scheduling 318-518-7929 for your team's photography.

James Richards has professional experience with:

  • Action shot photography
  • Senior portraits
  • Tournaments and games
  • Team picture photography
  • Individual photography
Whether in a still shot or action, your team will look their very best. Contact James Richards now to schedule your team's professional photography in Benton, LA.