Nature Is Breathtaking

Show off Benton, LA through the eye of our stunning landscape photography

No two days look exactly alike. That's why James Media, LLC captures the beauty of every day. James Richards knows how with landscape and nature photography, a single image can change based on how we position our lens. From fading backgrounds to leading lines, he has an eye for capturing beauty in every Benton, LA shot.

Check out James Richards' portfolio to see examples of his nature and landscape photography and purchase something beautiful today.

Learn the significance of landscape photography

When done correctly, landscape and nature photography can capture an image exactly as it was seen.

Landscape photography can:

  • Tell the story of a specific area
  • Showcase the beauty of nature
  • Communicate through images
Find a photograph that speaks to you. Take a look at the portfolio of James Richards and let us know which frozen moment is your favorite.